Guide: Gyms In Streatham

Streatham is well serviced for Gyms. We have three large chain gyms (Fitness First, Virgin Active and the Better Ice and Leisure Centre) as well as the independent Squats Gym on Mitcham Lane. The Gym group are also opening a new gym on the site of the old Morrisons supermarket in September. We have collected information on all the gyms on this page. You can click through for each gym to read a full review and leave your own comments.

Streatham Hill Gyms

The two biggest chain gyms (Fitness First and Virgin Active) are found in Streatham Hill. Both are a walkable distance to Streatham Hill train station which makes them handy for people who like to exercise before or after work.

Fitness First

Fitness First Streatham Hill

The Fitness First gym is housed in a building that used to be cinema on Streatham High Road. The gym has a well equipped cardio area, a weights room and a swimming pool. Read our full review of Fitness First Streatham.

Virgin Active Health Club

Virgin Active Health Club Streatham

The Virgin Active health club is tucked away on Oakley Road just off Streatham High Road. It offers cardio equipment, free weights, a cycle studio, a sauna and a swimming pool. Read our full review of Virgin Active Streatham.

Streatham Common Gyms

The other two gyms in Streatham (Better Ice and Leisure Centre and Squats Gym) are both within walking distance of either Streatham or Streatham Common train stations. The Better Ice and Leisure Centre is large fitness centre that has an ice rink. Squats Gym is a small independent bodybuilding gym. The building that used to be the Morrisons supermarket next to Streatham station will soon become a gym.

Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre

Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre entrance

The Ice and Leisure Centre is opposite Streatham Common, next to the large Tesco Extra. The leisure centre was built in 2013 and replaced Streatham’s old ice rink. The centre is run by Better, a social enterprise that works in partnership with Lambeth Council to operate sports facilities in the area. It is well equipped with an olympic sized ice skating rink, a 100 station gym, a group exercise studio, a sports hall (for badminton, football, basketball and netball) and two swimming pools (25m and a 13m pool). Read our full review of Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre.

The Gym (coming soon)

The Gym Group is set to replace Streatham's Morrisons

The Gym group will be opening a Gym in the empty Morrisons supermarket building in September 2017. More info (including membership prices).

Squats Gym

Squats Gym - Mitcham Lane Streatham

Squats Gym is found on Mitcham Lane and is a small independent bodybuilding gym. It is much smaller than the other gyms in Streatham so its facilities are more limited. They only have three pieces of cardio equipment! But they make up for this with an excellent selection of weight training equipment. Read our full review of Squats Gym.

Boot Camps on Streatham Common

bootcamps on streatham common

If you don’t want to join a gym you could try a bootcamp on Streatham Common. Boot camps are where personal trainers lead groups of people through various strength and fitness exercises. These classes are usually on a pay as you go basis unlike the long contracts you have to sign for gym memberships. Because you exercise in a group you pay a lot less than one-on-one personal training. You also get the benefit of exercising outside in the fresh air on the beautiful Streatham Common! Our list of boot camps on Streatham Common.


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