The Gym Group To Replace Streatham’s Morissons

The Morrisons supermarket in Streatham closed in 2015 shortly after the new Tesco Extra opened next door to it. The building has remained empty ever since.

Recently The Gym Group acquired the some space in the building. They have confirmed they will be opening a gym on the site in September 2017.


Monthly membership to The Gym Group Streatham branch will be £12.99 per month. This will be for the first 12 months of membership. After 12 months the prices will rise to £18.99 per month. Alternatively you can pay £29.99 per month to get access to all The Gym Group’s branches. There are no joining fees to join the gym. Membership must be paid by direct debit.


Aldi also have some space in the building. They are opening a supermarket on the site in January 2018.

It will be good to see some use being made of the building that has been empty for so long:
The empty site of the old Morrisons supermarket in Streatham


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